Using the services of Duffy Travel saves you time. We bring you destination expertise and search for discounted hotel rates, airfares, all-in-one packages, deals and exclusive specials and promotions. We help you determine your budget and distill your options.
Do you think it is too expensive to use an experienced travel agent? You might want to think again. Rather than paying more for your vacation you are likely to pay less and get more. An experienced agent like Duffy Travel works with you and is an advocate who puts your interests first.
Peace of Mind:
Duffy Travel is there for you before, during and after your trip and that peace of mind comes as a bonus at no additional cost. So...What are you considering for your next trip...A Mediterranian Cruise, a tropical island, that special ski trip or if you belong to an organization, how about a group trip that caters to your special interest such as wine tasting, art, music, architecture!

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